For other chapters that have "message" in the title, see Message.

External summary

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Setting: Illian (city)

Point of view: Graendal

Graendal visits Sammael's rooms in Illian and is amazed at the items he has found from the Age of Legends. Sammael believes he now has a truce with Rand even though Rand does not share that view. Sammael wants to know where the other Forsaken are. Graendal states that Asmodean and Lanfear are dead while Mesaana is in the White Tower. She does not know where any of the others are at. Sammael hints that the Great Lord has promised him the position of Nae'blis and tells Graendal to find where the others are so he can point Rand at them.

Point of view: Sammael

Sammael plans to do whatever he must to survive and become Nae'blis and defeat Rand in the Last Battle.





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