"Let the dead rest, and care for the living."
   —Old saying

External summary

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Setting: Royal Palace of Andor in Caemlyn

Point of view: Rand al'Thor

Rand watches the Saldaean horsemen practice precision maneuvers while fretting over sensing Alanna through the bond she created. Rand and his Aiel guards return to Caemlyn. As he passes through the streets, he sees a crossbowman rise up to shoot at him. Rand blocks his bolt with a wall of air and channels a ball of flame at him. One of the Maidens knocks him off his horse and takes a crossbow bolt meant for him, shot by another ambusher. The ambushers were all Whitecloaks in dirty uniforms. Four were captured, the rest were killed by the Aiel. After memorizing the face of the Maiden that died for him and another woman incidentally killed, Rand races back to the Palace, leaving his Aiel guard behind.

Back at the palace, Reene Harfor brings word that a Wavemistress from the Sea Folk would like an audience, which he schedules for the afternoon. Rand has Elenia Sarand brought to his room so he can have her teach him some of Andor's history. Rand finally gets her to answer what he really wants to know: as the son of Tigraine, how close is his relationship to Elayne? The answer is they are not closely related at all, which is a great relief to him. After Elenia leaves, he decides to head to Cairhien again, forgetting his meeting with the Sea Folk.