"I don't trust any Aes Sedai. They will try to use me, and I will try to use them. A pretty circle, don't you think?"
   — Rand to Egwene

External summary

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Setting: Cairhien (city)

Point of view: Egwene al'Vere

Egwene and Gawyn met on the streets and traveled to an inn where they could talk, hold hands and kiss. Egwene is overjoyed on her way back to the Aiel tents. Gawyn warns her the Aes Sedai are looking for a channeler, if not Egwene by name. Rand has returned to Cairhien and will meet the Aes Sedai that afternoon. Egwene heads in to the city to do what she can to aid Rand.

Egwene warns him that the Aes Sedai are dangerous to him and that he should be careful. The Aes Sedai arrive before Egwene can leave and she worries about how to avoid them. Rand talks to Lews Therin in his head and learns a way to make Egwene invisible, as long as she doesn't move around. Rand lets the Aes Sedai enter his chamber, led by Coiren with Nesune and Galina.

The Aes Sedai bring in two chests filled with treasure as a gift to Rand along with an invitation to return with them to the White Tower and receive Elaida's protection and influence with other nations. Rand seems to promise to go to the tower with them, but not until he finishes up some other business here and in Andor.

Point of view: Nesune Bihara

The Aes Sedai are reluctant to discuss the meeting with Rand, since it didn't go as expected at all. Nesune noticed the presence of a woman that could channel, but the others did not. They speculate on whether it was Moiraine or the mysterious green sister they heard about.






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