External summary

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Setting: Amador

Point of view: Eamon Valda

Valda is unhappy with the orders that recalled him to Amador from Tar Valon where he sensed weakness in the White Tower he could exploit. He believes Pedron Niall has not taken the proper direction on handling al'Thor or on many other things. A questioner suggests that Valda visit the Dome of truth where he meets Rhadam Asunawa. They agree to make plans to remove Niall from his position as Lord Captain Commander of the Children of the Light.

Point of view: Pedron Niall

Niall notices Valda arrive and speak to Dain Bornhald. Balwer has some reports and a message tube to give to Niall. The message tube talks about Aes Sedai on leashes in Tarabon. Niall plans to send a messenger to his agent in Tanchico.

Point of view: Morgase Trakand

Paitr Conel and his uncle are all set with the escape plans for Morgase and her party. Their review of the plans is interrupted by a Questioner, Einor Saren, who has come to escort Morgase to a meeting with Niall. Saren takes a shortcut, different than the way Morgase usually goes. In a courtyard there is a gallows with about fifteen men and women about to be hung. Paitr and his uncle are on the platform. As Morgase watches, the trap doors are opened and all of them fall to their deaths. Saren explains that this was a group of Darkfriends that were caught.

When she arrives at Niall's office she tells him she agrees to a treaty which is already prepared and dictates terms very favorable to the Whitecloaks. Morgase realizes that it could take a long time for Elayne to reverse the terms.

Point of view: Rhadam Asunawa

Asunawa noticed that Morgase reacted to the Darkfriends on the gallows but he never considered questioning if they had dealings with her. He plans a long drawn out trial with a dramatic confession at the end followed by the first execution of a Queen in Whitecloak history.