External summary

<<<   In the Hall of the Sitters    >>>
Setting: Salidar

Point of view: Egwene al'Vere

Egwene has just found out the Salidar Aes Sedai have decided to make her the Amyrlin Seat. Egwene notes that she isn't Aes Sedai, but the sisters say it isn't an actual requirement, that she will be Aes Sedai by becoming the Amyrlin Seat, but she doesn't have to be Aes Sedai to become the Amyrlin Seat. She can't understand why they would choose someone so inexperienced and untrained, regardless of her superior strength in the power.

The sisters begin reviewing the ceremony, having her go over everything again and again even though she only needs to go over it once. They then move to the Hall of the Sitters, where the eighteen Sitters, three from each of the six Ajahs in Salidar, will decide whether to accept Egwene as Amyrlin. The Sitters vote by standing in favor of Egwene or else staying seated. The first vote only nine sisters stand, but all eighteen must stand in favor for Egwene to become Amyrlin. Egwene must then perform a service for the Sitters by washing their feet. On the next vote all of the Sitters stand, but Lelaine and Romanda stand last and apparently reluctantly. Egwene is formally made the Amyrlin Seat and the Sisters all approach her in her chair and kiss her ring, promising to serve.





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