External summary

<<<   The Black Tower    >>>
Setting: Royal Palace of Andor in Caemlyn, Black Tower

Point of view: Rand al'Thor

Rand asks Min if she would like to visit the farm with him, but the thought frightens her and she declines. She needs to head back to the Aes Sedai from Salidar and let them know about Rand's rules and gives him a brief kiss before leaving. Alanna, the Aes Sedai who bonded him, appears to be in good spirits and is probably with the nine Salidar Aes Sedai. With Verin, that would bring the total to eleven. He goes to the farm without his Aiel guards.

The farm has changed a lot since his last visit. A new barn, more animals in pens, trees cleared, and some other buildings under construction. Taim has renamed the farm the Black Tower as a balance to the Aes Sedai White Tower. Rand has the students assembled so he can give a badge of leadership to Taim and other badges to be awarded to students that merit recognition. When students finish their training they will be called asha'man which means guardian in the old tongue.





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