External summary

<<<   The Feast of Lights    >>>
Setting: Sun Palace in Cairhien (city), Between Cairhien (city) and Tar Valon

Point of view: Perrin Aybara

Cairhienin are enjoying the Feast of Lights with abandon, very different from their usual prim ways. Rand has been gone for six days and the Aes Sedai left three days ago. Faile is still jealous and Perrin still can't figure out how to resolve things between them. Dobraine arrives to inform Perrin that Lord Maringil was found poisoned while Lord Meilan was stabbed, apparently by a footpad. Also, Colavaere has been meeting with some of the Cairhien houses to push for her right to the Sun Throne. Berelain enters, angering Perrin because she has been stalking him. She arrives with Rand's sword which Rand would not likely have left behind. Sulin realizes that the Aes Sedai have taken Rand. Sulin tells a maiden to fetch her cadin'sor and bring Rhuarc and Nandera immediately.

Aiel begin arriving as different pieces of the situation are brought to light. Colavaere would only be trying for the throne if she was sure Rand would not be back. The Shaido are moving out of Kingslayer's Dagger, so Rhuarc can not bring as many Aiel as he would like. Dobraine will bring his men and the Wise Ones will come to counter the Aes Sedai. Perrin also plans to call the wolves to aid him.

Point of view: Galina Casban

Galina is pressuring Min for information. She doesn't understand why Siuan was so interested in her. Rand killed two of Erian's warders when he saw Min had been captured also. Since then, he has been trying to break the shield, even though he is punished when he tries.

Point of view: Rand al'Thor

Rand is pulled out of the box they have him in. Erian begins to beat him with channeled flows. After he finally recovers from the beating he discovers there are Wise Ones in the camp, one of them is Sevanna. He is put back in the box where he competes with Lews Therin for access to saidin. Finally he tells Lews they should work together and gets a response. He tells Rand he can unravel the shield if they tie it off, but not when they actively maintain it.

Point of view: Galina Casban

Galina plans to use the Aiel to get rid of Gawyn and his younglings. She isn't worried at all that the Aiel savages have Wise Ones that can channel. She will punish Rand twice a day until they reach Tar Valon, probably in twenty days.

Point of view: Sevanna

The Wise Ones learned the weaves to shield and hold Rand, so Sevanna can proceed with her plan to capture Rand. The Wise Ones kill Desaine, one of Sevanna's rivals, so she has an excuse to attack the Aes Sedai.





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