External summary

<<<   The Sending    >>>
Setting: Cairhien (city), Cairhien

Point of view: Perrin Aybara

Perrin, Gaul and Loial head toward the river to cross over to chase the Aes Sedai that have taken Rand. On the other side of the river they meet up with Dobraine and Havien Nurelle from Mayene with their armsmen. Later they meet up with the Aiel who can only bring five thousand Aiel and another thousand Maidens. Amys is one of ninety-four Wise Ones that are coming also.

That evening Perrin sends his wolf image, Young Bull, out questing for other wolves in the area. He asks them about the Aes Sedai camp and estimates it is sixty to seventy miles ahead. The wolves ask why and become enraged when Perrin tells them they have caged Shadowkiller, the wolf name for Rand.

There are tensions between the groups, especially Cairhienin and Aiel but also the Aiel and Maidens. Perrin is worried that the tensions won't be kept in check until they catch up to the Aes Sedai. Sulin and Nandera both want to be in charge of the Maidens and they finally have contest to decide. Sulin wins, but then lets Nandera have the leadership anyway. Sorilea and Amys appear to disagree on how to deal with the Aes Sedai but they finally resolve it peacefully between themselves with Sorilea being in charge.

On the seventh day the wolves let Perrin know another large group is heading the same direction and getting close. The banners they picture identify them as the Two Rivers men. There are nine Aes Sedai which Perrin hopes will be useful in the fight, but there were only supposed to be six. He recognizes Verin and Alanna though. Alanna was able to point them in the direction of Rand although they expected Perrin would be with Rand. The Aes Sedai are outraged that he has been abducted and will come along, but act as if they are in charge. On the tenth day they are closing in on the Aes Sedai when the wolves send that Perrin should come right away because there are many two-legs.







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