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Setting: Arad Doman, Shayol Ghul
Point of view: Sammael Setting: Arad Doman

Sammael is plotting to become Nae'blis, just as much as the other Forsaken. He is meeting Graendal at her palace in Arad Doman. Graendal enjoys subtlety baiting Sammael as they debate what to do since Rand has killed off so many of the Forsaken. Moghedien, Lanfear and Asmodean are still missing. Semirhage missed the last meeting with Graendal.

Point of view: Graendal Setting: Arad Doman

Graendal believes Rand is too dangerous to be allowed to live, but the Great Lord has forbidden direction action for now. She plans to have Sammael be the instrument, since he will be able to call it self defense when Rand attacks Illian.

Rodel Ituralde arrives for an audience, so Graendal switches to her guise as Lady Basene.

Point of view: Semirhage Setting: Shayol Ghul

Semirhage has been ordered by the Great Lord to extract information from an Aes Sedai. She is the very best at extracting information. During the Age of Legends she was a renowned healer, but she always enjoyed inflicting pain along with the healing, for which she was disciplined. This eventually led her to become one of the Forsaken. After stimulating the pain centers in Cabriana Mecandes, she begins the interrogation. In another room Semirhage beings torturing Cabriana's warder using pleasure instead of pain. She fails to pay attention and the warder bites his tongue and bleeds to death.







One Power

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