"What can't be changed must be endured."
   — oft said saying by Lini Eltring

External summary

<<<   A Matter of Thought    >>>
Setting: Salidar, Tel'aran'rhiod

Point of view: Elayne Trakand

Elayne and Nynaeve are preparing for bed and a meeting in tel'aran'rhiod. They are hoping to see Egwene but she has been kept from tel'aran'rhiod since her encounter with Lanfear six weeks ago. This meeting will be with the Aes Sedai so they can learn some things before meeting with the Aiel Wise Ones the next night. Siuan and Leane wait with them until Sheriam, Carlinya, Morvrin, Myrelle, Anaiya and Beonin appear. The group moves to the White Tower so they can look through Elaida's correspondence and try to find out what is happening in the world.

They find that Moiraine is to be arrested so Elaida does not know she is dead. Shemerin ran away after being demoted from Aes Sedai to Accepted. The Blight is quiet. No news is coming from Tarabon or Arad Doman. Elaida still wants Elayne returned to the tower, no matter the cost. Suddenly there are screams from outside the room. The Aes Sedai rush out and are caught in a nightmare.

Instead of a hallway there is a cavern filled with Trollocs. The three Aes Sedai that had been in the other room are being tortured. The other three try to fight the nightmare but are drawn in to it also, despite Elayne trying to warn them. Elayne and Siuan try to dispel the nightmare but it is too large. They need to enter the nightmare and get the Aes Sedai to deny it's existence. Finally they banish the nightmare, then return to the waking world to heal their injuries.

Elayne makes a quick trip to the palace in Caemlyn and notices the changes Rand has made, then returns to the waking world.

Point of view: Demandred

Demandred notices Elayne, but takes no action.







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