"We do not need any lords in the Two Rivers."
   —Perrin Aybara, The Shadow Rising, Chapter 45

The Lord of the Two Rivers was an unofficial title given to Perrin Aybara during the defense of the Two Rivers. The Dragon Reborn received the official title by the Queen of Andor.

Perrin Goldeneyes

Lord Perrin Goldeneyes, with the Wolfhead banner and the banner of Manetheren

Unofficial Use

The title was first coined by followers of Perrin during his defense of the Two Rivers from Trollocs and Whitecloaks.

Aybara originally tried to suppress the use of this, but combined with the requirement of a figure of authority, the raising of the banner of Manetheren, and the encouragement of his wife Faile, the title Lord Perrin persisted.

Official Use

When Perrin met with Elayne Trakand, Queen of Andor, it was decreed that the Two Rivers would be ceded to the Dragon Reborn, who would be persuaded to appoint Perrin as his Steward. The Two Rivers would be exempt from Crown taxes, instead paying into a fund that would be held "against the return of the Lord Dragon." These taxes could be dipped into by the Steward of the Two Rivers as required, in effect making the Two Rivers it's own Kingdom.[1]

The Two Rivers remained part of Andor, but the unique nature of the situation is reflected by it holding the official rank of High Lord - specifically, that the Lord of the Two Rivers will outrank other Lords and Ladies of Andor.

Coat of Arms

The Coat of Arms of the Two Rivers is assumed to be the Red Wolfhead on a White field.


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