Mabriam's Day occurs on the eighteenth day of Tammaz.

On this holiday, any sort of labor is avoided. The food is always cooked the day before, but some rise and dress in the dark on the theory that they have thus done that "work" before the day began. One feature of Mabriam's Day is that young women traditionally play tricks on young men. These tricks are supposed to indicate the young woman's interest in the target man, but the young women work in groups and try to keep their actions secret. If the man manages to guess who is responsible, the man gets a reward, the reward ranging from a kiss from the woman who thought up the trick to a kiss from each in the group.

It can be assumed that this holiday has something to do with Mabriam en Shereed, a legend of the Gray Ajah, founder of the Compact of the Ten Nations and Queen of Aramaelle in the time period shortly after the Breaking of the World, although how is not known.

Celebrated in villages and small towns in every nation.

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