Mafal Dadaranell was an Ogier-built city constructed after the Breaking of the World as the capital of Aramaelle, one of the Ten Nations that arose after the end of the Breaking. Like most Ogier-constructed settlements, the city was beautiful, made up of graceful buildings based on organic shapes. However, due to the city's proximity to the Blight and to Tarwin's Gap, it was also strongly fortified.

Despite its strength, Mafal Dadaranell could not hold back the swarming hordes of Trollocs that came south during the Trolloc Wars. The city was overwhelmed and destroyed. Every building was levelled and by the time the war ended three centuries and more later, no trace of the city was left. The far more simple fortress of Fal Dara was built in its stead. The only trace of Mafal Dadaranell left today is a single Ogier Waygate located just south of the modern fortress town of Fal Dara.

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