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Maiden's Kiss is a game played by the Aiel Far Dareis Mai.


Maiden's Kiss is started when a group of Maidens surround a man, and on occasion a woman,[verify] and with their spears either point at or press against the player's throat. Each Maiden takes a turn kissing the victim and if the kiss satisfies they move their spear away, if not they inch it closer. All the participating Maidens take at least one turn.[1]

Matrim Cauthon was tricked into asking to play this game while in the Stone of Tear, and while he was not entirely displeased, he said though he'd hurt himself worse while shaving, he nontheless wished not to play again anytime soon, if ever.[1]

Neald also played the game after saying something a little too frisky to a Maiden. As a result, Neald learns to tread lightly around the Aiel.[2]


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