The Maidens of the Sword are a wetlander offshoot of Far Dareis Mai that came about after the battle where Rand al'Thor and his army of Aiel drove off the Shaido and occupied Cairhien. It is speculated by some of the clan chiefs and Wise Ones that after a second time being ravaged by the Aiel (the first time being during the Aiel War), that some of the Cairhienin may have fallen under the impression that the Aiel way, and ji'e'toh, are superior.

For this reason, many Cairhien women, having gained certain amounts of adoration for the Maidens of the Spear, took up the sword and declared themselves "Maidens of the Sword". Later on they even go so far as to develop their own version of Maiden handtalk. The Aiel frowned heavily on their actions, partly because of these women being treekillers, and partly because of how severely they misunderstand and twist ji'e'toh. These women spend large amounts of their time dueling one another and taking each other gai'shain. The Aiel find them to be extremely offensive.

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