The village of Manala celebrating Bel Tine

Manala is a large village located on the road linking the town of Canluum to the capital city of Chachin, in Kandor. It consists of approximately twenty streets crisscrossing a pair of hills, and possesses at least three inns, including the Plowman's Blade. It is a regular waystop for travelers moving between the two settlements, and is the center of an agricultural region of surrounding farms and homesteads. Like many Borderland settlements of its type and size, the village is fortified and many of the buildings do not have ground-floor windows, only arrow slits to be used in the event of Shadowspawn attack.

Manala was briefly visited by Moiraine Damodred, al'Lan Mandragoran, Ryne Venamar, and Bukama Marenellin on their way from Canluum to Chachin in 979 NE.

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