EWoT: Mandevwin

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Biographical information
Nationality Cairhienin
Current status Alive
Physical description
Gender Male
Build Stocky
Hair color Gray streaks
Chronological and political information
First appeared KOD 27
Last appeared TGS 36
Affiliation Band of the Red Hand
Occupation Soldier
Rank Captain

Mandevwin is a Captain in the Band of the Red Hand.

Appearance Edit

He is stocky, with one eye. He has gray streaks in his hair.

History Edit

He is from Cairhien.

Activities Edit

He has been in the Band since its formation in Cairhien.

Matrim Cauthon joins up with the Band again, when they find him in Altara. Mandevwin is in command of the band when they engage a Seanchan unit in an ambush, wiping out the whole contingent with just about no casualties. He is in command of the men when they engage the Seanchan force that are trying to kill Tuon Athaem Kore Paendrag for the one hundred thousand gold crown reward.

He meets with Mat, who is planning how to the approach Trustair, the next village along after Hinderstap. He is present when Verin Mathwin arrives in the Band's camp.

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