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Maraside Mountains map


The Maraside Mountains are an extension of the Spine of the World that runs west from the main range towards the River Erinin, with the range apparently petering out in the vicinity of the Cairhienin town of Maerone. The range forms the southern border of the kingdom of Cairhien. During the Free Years it was also the border between the kingdoms of Tova and Khodomar.

The mountains do not appear to be especially tall or difficult to traverse, but, combined with the swamps and marshes of Haddon Mirk further south, form a significant barrier to easy travel between Cairhien and Tear.

The most notable route through the mountains is the Jolvaine Pass. The pass is infamous in history as the most decisive battle of the War of the Second Dragon was fought some miles to the south. Artur Hawkwing defeated the false Dragon Guaire Amalasan in this engagement and began his own rise to fame and power.

The area now appears to be desolate and mostly uninhabited.

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