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EWoT: Merise Haindehl

Merise Haindehl
Merise Haindehl
Biographical information
Nationality Taraboner
Current status Alive
Physical description
Gender Female
Height Tall
Hair color Dark
Eye color Blue
Chronological and political information
First appeared WH 13
Last appeared AMOL 37
Affiliation Unaligned sisters
Rank Aes Sedai
Ajah Green Ajah

Merise Haindehl is an Aes Sedai of the Green Ajah.


She is tall, with blue eyes and dark hair drawn severely back.


She is from Tarabon.

She currently has three Warders: Bassane, Nethan, and Jahar Narishma, an Asha'man.

She is quite strong for an Aes Sedai - 14(2).

She lied about her age when enrolled as a novice. She was punished after being found out, and was also forced to spend longer as a novice than she otherwise would have.

Activities Edit

Accompanying Cadsuane Edit

She Travels with Cadsuane Melaidhrin to Far Madding to track down Rand al'Thor. She links with Jahar, who holds Callandor, and Elza Penfell during the Battle near Shadar Logoth.

She accompanies Rand and Cadsuane to Algarin Pendaloan's house in Tear, where Rand recovers after cleansing saidin. She confides to Cadsuane about how Jahar's strength in the One Power increases in fits and starts.

She and Jahar Travel to where the Rebel Aes Sedai are camped. There, Lelaine Akashi calls an emergency meeting of the Hall. Jahar proposes the offer from Rand of bonding forty-seven Asha'man and informs the Aes Sedai of a female Forsaken channeling saidin. The Hall accepts Rand's offer.

Her relationship with Jahar was different from her relationship with her non-channeling Warders; she questioned whether she could be as firm with him as with the others.

The capture of Semirhage Edit

Merise watches Rand's meeting with the Daughter of the Nine Moons from a distance and Travels in as backup when it is revealed that the Daughter of the Nine Moons is actually Semirhage. She Heals Narishma after the fight.

She takes part in helping Cadsuane interrogate Semirhage. She gets nowhere with her questioning though. She watches Aviendha weave a column of Air and Water to transport water from a river onto an out-of-control fire. She seems regretful that Aviendha will not be joining the White Tower. She informs Cadsuane of Semirhage's escape and Daigian Moseneillin's death. She tries to convince Rand that he needs Cadsuane after he banishes her. She stands with Cadsuane on the Bandar Eban walls to watch the ghostly procession that circuits the city at night. She is part of the plan to try and help Rand laugh again after learning from Nynaeve al'Meara that Rand burned a whole palace full of people away with balefire. She is with Cadsuane when Nynaeve comes back with the whereabouts of Tam al'Thor. She is again with Cadsuane when an irate Tam enters the room saying that Rand just tried to kill him and has just Traveled to Ebou Dar.

Merise is present when Rand returns to Tear and announces that the White Tower has been reunified under Egwene al'Vere. She admits Rand and Rodel Ituralde into Cadsuane's quarters where they are keeping Ituralde's king, Alsalam Saeed Almadar. She accompanies Rand again when he re-meets with the Borderlander rulers in Far Madding.

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