EWoT: Milisair Chadmar

Arad Doman Flag
Milisair Chadmar
Biographical information
Nationality Arad Doman
Current status Alive
Physical description
Gender Female
Build Curvy
Hair color Dark, in tight curls, past her shoulders
Chronological and political information
First appeared TGS 29
Last appeared TGS 32
Last mentioned TOM 25
Affiliation Council of Merchants
Occupation Merchant
Title Lady

Milisair Chadmar lives in Bandar Eban and is a member of the Domani's Council of Merchants.

Appearance Edit

Milisair is a woman barely into her thirties who takes full advantage of the famous style of Domani dress to show off her curves. She has dark hair with tight curls past her shoulders.

Activities Edit

Rand questioned Milisair regarding the messenger supposedly sent by King Alsalam Saeed Almadar. While she first claimed no knowledge of the messenger's whereabouts, Rand suspected she was not forthcoming in her information and demanded she produce this messenger "...and perhaps you [Milisair] will live to see a new king crowned."[1]

Later, an apprehensive Milisair approached the Lord Dragon and revealed that she had the messenger imprisoned. Further, the men assigned to watch him provided such poor treatment that the messenger died while in this dungeon. Knowing Rand would be less than thrilled at her actions, Milisair was caught by Jalani, a Maiden of the Spear, packing her things as if planning to escape the city in a "moment of weakness." Rand opted not to execute her for treason, as she would be needed to choose a new king, but instead sentenced her to be locked in the same dungeon in which the messenger had died.[2]

Nynaeve was appalled by the conditions of Milisair's prison, and checked with a Delving of Spirit to make certain the woman was not ill beyond exhaustion and hunger. In fact, Milisair had been poisoned with tarchrot leaf by Kerb, the young apprentice who prepared food for prisoners and who was under Graendal's Compulsion. Milisair was saved by Nynaeve's Healing.[3]

Milisair fled Bandar Eban an hour after Rand left the city, followed soon after by the rest of the Council of Merchants, leaving the city without leadership in its time of hunger and need.[4]


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