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Military ranks are positions of authority among the various armies of the world. Below are a list of ranks and those who hold them.


This is one of the highest military ranks. Among the Westlands, Davram Bashere holds this rank in Saldaea. This rank is also evident in the Seanchan Ever Victorious Army, which is temporarily given to a Captain-General who is put in charge of a war.


See Captain-General.


See Lieutenant-General.


See Banner-General.

First CaptainEdit

See First Captain.


Various armies and nations use this rank.

List of CaptainsEdit

Second CaptainEdit

See Second Captain.


Various armies and nations use this rank.

  • The Queen's Guard in Andor sometimes prefix the rank with "Guardsman" and wear two golden knots.
  • Cairhienin lieutenants, and other officers, wear con on their backs.
  • The ranks of of Senior-Lieutenant, Lieutenant, and Under-Lieutenant are used in the Children of the Light.

List of LieutenantsEdit


The Queen's Guard in Andor, the Children of the Light in Amador, the Tower Guard in Tar Valon, and the Saldaean military use this rank. The Queen's Guard wear one golden knot.

List of Under-LieutenantsEdit


See Bannerman.

Other ranksEdit

  • The Children of the Light also have the ranks of Hundredman, Bannerman, Second Bannerman, Squadman, Second Squadman, and File Leader. It is unknown if Bannerman and Second Bannerman are the same as Bannermen from the Queen's Guard, the Band of the Red Hand, or the Ever Victorious Army.
  • High Inquisitor - The rank held by the head of the Hand of the Light in the Children of the Light.
  • Inquisitor - The rank held by the members of the Hand of the Light. They wear a red shepherd's crook behind the golden sunburst on their cloaks.
  • Captain of the Gold - A naval rank among the Seanchan. Higher ranking than a Captain of the Green.
  • Captain of the Green - A naval rank among the Seanchan. It is equivalent to that of a Banner-General in the army and ranks higher than regular ship captains, but lower than Captain of the Gold.
  • Squadman - A rank used in the Band of the Red Hand.
  • Sergeant - An enlisted rank for soldiers.

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