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The Mistress of Novices is the Aes Sedai responsible for the discipline and well-being of novices and Accepted in the White Tower. Currently the Mistress of Novices is Rosil, of the Yellow Ajah.

The Mistress of Novices is expected to be a harsh-yet-fair woman. She serves to carry out punishments on her charges, which usually take the shape of a strapping or switching. However, she may also set manual labor, such as working in the kitchens.She is the ultimate authority over Novices, and as such she is also responsible for bringing them to their test for Accepted. Despite her seemingly negative role in the life of a Novice, it is not unheard of for her to be a comforting shoulder to those who feel the pressure hardest.

She is also responsible for the discipline of Accepted, and is generally considered to be harsher on them than Novices, as it is believed that they should know better.

Aes Sedai can even be sent to her for a penance, though it is rare and ultimately humbling for the Aes Sedai. Silviana Brehon, Mistress of Novices under Elaida do Avriny a'Roihan expressed distaste about the private penances that the Amyrilin set for certain Sisters, as she believed that a penance should be public by the very nature.

The position of Mistress of Novices has been sought after and claimed by many Black Ajah sisters.The reason for this would appear to be that they can observe the White Tower initiates to see which ones might be potential recruits for the Black Ajah.

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Known Mistresses of NovicesEdit

Mistress of Novices Ajah Amyrlin
Sereille Bagand White Parenia Demalle
Merean Redhill Blue (Black) Tamra Ospenya
Amira Moselle Red Sierin Vayu
Sheriam Bayanar Blue (Black) Siuan Sanche
Silviana Brehon Red Elaida do Avriny a'Roihan (Tower)
Katerine Alruddin[1] Red (Black)
Tiana Noselle Gray Egwene al'Vere (Rebel)
Rosil Yellow Egwene al'Vere


  1. The Gathering Storm, Chapter 41

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