The Mistress of the Kitchens is the woman in charge of the White Tower kitchens, which day and night supplies the residents of the White Tower with food and beverages. The only woman known to have possessed this title is Laras, a seemingly stubbornly stern woman, who, however, has proven to be politically skilled, very trustworthy and highly intelligent.

The title became official, having been changed from chief cook, under the reign of Siuan Sanche, who thought fondly of her.[1] 

It is not known if the large wooden spoon, which Laras uses as a scepter and poking rod, is an inheritable possession of the Mistress of the Kitchens. It can, however, be safely assumed that the title itself is held for life, as Laras has held her possession almost all her adult life. Again, assumingly, the title is held for life as long as no severe offense against Tower law is committed by its keeper.


  1. The Shadow Rising, Chapter 47

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