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The morat are Seanchan animal handlers. The name literally means "one who handles," therefore, a morat'grolm is a grolm handler. The following are examples are some types of morats.

  • morat'raken (one who handles raken)
  • morat'to'raken (one who handles to'raken)
  • morat'torm (one who handles torm)
  • morat'lopar (one who handles lopars)
  • morat'grolm (one who handles grolm)
  • morat'corlm (one who handles corlm)


A handler can be given the additional prefix der', as in der'morat'to'raken, meaning "master-trainer of". The word der means experienced or master and often denotes rank. To become an animal master and thus earn the prefix requires a certain level of experience. The prefix is also used in der'sul'dam.

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