EWoT: Muad Cheade

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Muad Cheade
Biographical information
Nationality Saldaean
Current status Dead
Physical description
Gender Male
Chronological and political information
First mentioned LOC 2
Last mentioned LOC 2
Affiliation Saldaea
Occupation Soldier
Rank Marshal-General
"He might have been insane but he could out-general anyone I ever saw. He never lost a battle, he never even came close to losing."
   —Davram Bashere about General Muad Cheade

Muad Cheade was Marshal-General of Saldaea.


When Davram Bashere was younger, he served under General Cheade. Bashere told Rand al'Thor about the general, in relation to madness.

General Cheade, according to Bashere and many more, was mad. He searched his bodyservant for poison twice a day and drank nothing but vinegar and water. He claimed it protected him from the poison that his bodyservant fed him. Despite the "poison," General Cheade ate everything that was prepared for him.

General Cheade once had a grove of twenty-three oak trees chopped down. He believed that the trees were looking at him. Regardless of the fact that they were trees, he still gave them decent funerals, even giving them an oration.

Despite the madness, his family and friends would do nothing to help him. Queen Tenobia Kazadi's father gave an order that no one interfere with the general. Even though he was insane, he was a great general.

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