EWoT: Murandy

Murandy Flag
Political information
Type of government Monarchy
Head of State King Roedran Almaric do Arreloa a'Naloy
Sigil A red bull, the Red Bull
Banner The Red Bull on a field vertically striped blue and white; three blue and two white. Fringed in red when flown where the sovereign is present.
Region To the north is Andor, to the east is Far Madding, to the south is Illian, and to the west is the River Manetherendrelle
Capital Lugard
Cities Hinderstap, Inishlinn, Mindea, Trustair
Demonym Murandian
Historical information
Era New Era

Murandy (pronounced: MEW-ran-dee) is a small nation in the central part of the Westlands. It has a history of border disputes with its larger neighbor to the north, Andor.

The people of Murandy, much like the people of Altara, do not really consider themselves the residents of a nation. They are more likely to claim allegiance to one or another of the local lords.


08 - Murandy

Location within the Westlands

Murandy is a small nation located in hilly countryside with much larger neighbors on three sides.

Ruling bodyEdit

Murandy is a monarchy ruled by a king or queen. The current ruler is King Roedran Almaric do Arreloa a'Naloy but he only has weak control of the country. Katrine do Catalan a'Coralle was the first Queen of Murandy.

The ruler of Murandy seldom controls events outside of the capital city of Lugard, and sometimes not even there. The only reason a monarch is tolerated in Murandy is as a deterrent to incursions by foreign nations, and such an invasion is just about the only thing that will compel rival Murandian lords to cooperate.

The capital city of Lugard is located in central Murandy, and trade there always flourishes, regardless of whatever political upheaval may be engulfing the city or nation; it is this trade which keeps the city alive. It is one of few cities in the world which has more inns and stables than residences and shops. Lugard was once surrounded by a tall stone wall, but it has since crumbled. The many thieves who call Lugard home consider any foreigner a fair mark, and the unpaved roads and alleys are dangerous to travel alone.

Murandy plays a minor role in world politics. The lack of an effective ruler makes it difficult for Murandy to defend itself, much less to make its presence felt in the rest of the land.