EWoT: Narg

Narg teotwc
Biographical information
Current Status Dead
Animal type Trolloc
Physical description
Gender Male
Height 8 feet
Chronological information
First appeared TEOTW 5

Narg is an eight foot tall Trolloc that has a wolf's muzzle and goat hooves.


He is one of the Trollocs who attack the al'Thor farm.[1] He hides in Rand and Tam's house pretending to be dead, waiting for someone to return. He then attempts to talk Rand into coming with him to see the Myrddraal. He attacks Rand and is impaled on Tam's sword.


Narg from the "Premier" deck of The Wheel of Time Collectible Card Game


Narg is also the only Trolloc that Wheel of Time readers have witnessed speaking in the common tongue, though quite crudely.

Also, Brandon Sanderson has revealed, likely humorously, that it was Narg who killed Asmodean.[2]


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  2. Brandon Sanderson Blog: Big Wheel of Time Interview Retrospective

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