EWoT: Nasin Caeren

Nasin Caeren
Biographical information
Nationality Andoran
Date of death 1000 NE
Current status Dead
Physical description
Gender Male
Build Gaunt
Hair color Thin, white
Chronological and political information
First appeared TFOH 19
Last appeared KOD 17
Last mentioned KOD 35
Affiliation House Marne
Title Lord
Rank High Seat

Nasin Caeren was a high ranking Andoran noble. He was the previous High Seat of House Caeren.


He was bony, goat-faced and gaunt with thin white hair[1][2].


Along with Lord Jarid Sarand, Lady Elenia Sarand, Lady Arymilla Marne, Lady Naean Arawn, Lord Lir Baryn and Lady Karind Anshar, he opposed Morgase Trakand when she claimed the Lion Throne.

He was forced to acknowledge Morgase Trakand as the Queen after she was successful in her claim[1].


He was seen in the Throne Room of Caemlyn Palace when Lord Gaebril was active in Andor. After Rand al'Thor enters Caemlyn and defeated Gaebril, he seemed to have become a little addled[1].

A group of nobles including Arymilla, Elenia, Jarid, Karind, Naean, Lir, Henren, Carlys, Daerilla, Elegar, and Lord Nasin watches Rand practice the sword against five men in a courtyard of the Royal Palace in Caemlyn. Nasin tells Rand he is another Jearom[2]. Lord Nasin gasps and panics when Taim is lead into the courtyard[3].

He initially supported Arymilla Marne for the Lion Throne[4]. He seems to believe that Elenia is his betrothed and fawns over her and that Arymilla is his daughter[5].

With the support of Elenia, Naean and Nasin, Arymilla brings four armies to lay siege to Caemlyn[6][7].

When eighty of Lord Luan's armsmen led by Jurad Accan are attacked by Lord Nasin's troops, Doilin Mellar leads a sortie to rescue them and bring them into Caemlyn[8].

Arymilla dines with Naean, Elenia, Karind, Lir, Nasin and Sylvase to prepare the last attack[9].

According to his grand-daughter, Sylvase Caeren, he died of a fit just before Arymilla's forces were defeated during the Siege of Caemlyn[10]. This seems suspiciously convenient. Sylvase is considered ruthless by Elayne, she thinks the girl has a very hard core. Probably she somehow during the battle killed her grand-father, though Elenia also may have been behind the death as previously she was considering whether to kill him or Arymillia first [5].


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