EWoT: Fager Neald

Fager Neald
Biographical information
Nationality Murandian
Current status Alive
Physical description
Gender Male
Chronological and political information
First appeared ACOS 2
Last appeared TOM 53
Affiliation Perrin Aybara
Occupation Asha'man
Rank Soldier (Asha'man)

Fager Neald is a Murandian Asha'man with the rank of Soldier.

Appearance Edit

He has a tiny mustache which is waxed to form points. He is very young, only 17 years old as of KoD.

History Edit

He appears to have the Talent of making Power-wrought weapons.

Activities Edit

Dumai's Wells Edit

Rand al'Thor takes him as a personal bodyguard after the Battle of Dumai's Wells. Shortly thereafter he is assigned to Perrin Aybara in Ghealdan to assist him in tracking down Masema Dagar.

He escorts Perrin to his meeting with Masema in Abila. He creates a gateway to So Habor for Perrin and his group, where they collect grain for their troops. Neald accompanies him back to camp and witnesses him cleave a Shaido prisoner's hand off when he is looking for answers on his missing wife. Neald finds Perrin after leaving the tent and reports that the prisoners have talked. He is with Gaul when Galina Casban is captured and brought back to Perrin for questioning.

Against the Shaido Edit

He goes with Perrin to Almizar, where they pick up about four tons of forkroot for their plan against the Shaido. He helps create a large number of gateways to move Perrin's troops from one place to another before the attack against the Shaido in Malden. He creates large mists that cover Perrin's troops before they finally storm the town. He probably uses saidin as a weapon against the Shaido when the actual attack begins.

Confrontation with the Whitecloaks Edit

On their march from Malden a bubble of evil erupts in the form of small serpents. Neald is bitten and nearly dies from sickness. After he recovers he begins to practice linking with the Wise Ones to create larger gateways. Neald goes with Perrin when Perrin's force is about to engage the Whitecloaks. He asks the Asha'man to create a gateway but for some reason the weaves keep slipping away. He then charges the Asha'man to create a massive trench between the two forces in an attempt to stall combat. When a bubble of evil erupts in camp, he and Grady walk through destroying all the weapons that are trying to kill their owners. He is then asked to protect Perrin if things go wrong during the trial.

Perrin charges Gaul and Neald to scout the area around camp to find where a gateway will actually work. It takes them several hours in any direction to find a place where one will finally work. He acts as one of Perrin's bodyguards at Perrin's trial and moves to attack when Perrin is deemed guilty, but is waved down by Perrin. After the trial, he and Grady hold open a gateway for all of Perrin's force to Travel through, managing to escape Graendal's trap.

He assists Perrin in making the first power-wrought weapon, Mah'alleinir, in over two thousand years. Perrin's army engage a Shadowspawn army that is about to ambush the Whitecloaks. Grady and Neald stand upon the high ground and destroy any Myrddraal they see. Later Neald helps create a gateway for Perrin's huge force as they all Travel through to the Field of Merrilor to prepare for the Last Battle.

The Last Battle Edit

Neald begins to work on more power-wrought weapons for Rand's gathered army. Rand supplies more Asha'man to help with the forging.