The following is a list of new characters with names in TGS. Page numbers of their first reference are according to the Orbit hardcover, characters in order of appearance. Only minimal notes are provided on this page:


Chapters 1-10

  • Maralenda- p140 Distant cousin to the Trakands
  • Master Lyncon - p161 Master carpenter with Perrin
  • Lord Finndal - p171 An Andoran Lord

Chapters 21-30

  • Mardry - p415 An inhabitant of Hinderstap
  • Garken - p437 An old man living in Hinderstap
  • Ledron - p439? (No idea who this is, I have made no notes)
  • Martna Baily - p441 A name Mat (presumably) makes up who makes pies out of people

Chapters 31-40

  • Jorgin - p507 Torturer in the employ of Milisair Chadmar
  • Mord - p508 Jorgin's assistant.
  • Naorman Mashinta- p583 A cobbler in Tar Valon, the third in a line of cobblers. What a lot of cobblers!

NOTE: Some of these may have appeared previously in the series and I haven't recognise them. Apologies for those entries!