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Setting: the White Tower


Point of view: Moiraine Damodred
After completing ninety-nine of the one hundred weaves required, a wounded and tired Moiraine finds the six-pointed star for her next weave. Her only thought is to reach it to be done with everything so she can find an Aes Sedai for Healing. As she walks toward the sign she is surprised to find her father, a gray haired man, asking for her help. Her mother was dying. Moiraine feels like weeping and wants to go with him but, as she finishes the last weave she sees the last star behind his father. She lets him know that she loves him and her mother before leaving.
New Spring 10

Moiraine makes her last weave

As she stands beneath the star, Moiraine finds herself back in the chamber in the White Tower. And she suddenly remembered all weavings, all injuries and all her missteps.
Merean Sedai reminds the sisters and Moiraine that what happened in the test is not to be discussed, only in silence amongst themeselves. The Mistress of Novices also tells Moiraine that the next night is to be spent in prayer and contemplation of the burdens she will be taking up on the morrow.
Anaiya offers Healing to Moiraine, but the young woman is still surprised that she had passed. It also hits her that all the sisters had seen what happened during the testing. Moiraine comments on her test and how cruel the last part had been and Anaiya reminds her of Merean's words but Yuan, a Yellow, glances at Elaida in disaprobation. The Red had tried to make her fail.
She is escorted to her room by Anayia and Verin, who is of the Brown. She then goes to Siuan's room and finds it empty. She grows hopeful that Siuan had been summoned too and rushes to Myrelle's room where she also finds Sheriam. The two Accepted tell Moiraine that Siuan had been summoned not long ago and ask Moiraine if she passed. As Moiraine answers they realize that the first was already on a level above them.
A novice or a servant left Moiraine a meal in her rooms and Moiraine eats every shred while she waits for Siuan. She hopes her friend passes for it would not be unfair if Moiraine could pass and Siuan could not.
It was a long time until Siuan walked in on Moiraine's room to tell her her test had been "as easy as falling off a boat".
Siuan is starving but she can't stand being raised without a last prank and Moiraine's friend convinces her to put mice in Elaida's bed. Moiraine realizes then that had it not been for the Red sister, she would not have passed. Finally she convinces Siuan to eat before their last prank as Accepted.