External summary

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Setting: White Tower


Point of view: Moiraine Damodred

Early the next morning Moiraine prepares for the raising ceremony. Soon she will be Aes Sedai. Seven Aes Sedai are behind the door to her rooms and are waiting to escort her. They include Elaida for the Red. They then proceed to Siuan's rooms and bring her as well. They return to the chamber where Moiraine and Siuan were tested the day before. The Accepted walk through the oval ring and approach Tamra, the then Amyrlin Seat. Tamra takes the Oath Rod from Aeldra Najaf, places it in Moiraine's hands, and channels Spirit

New Spring 11

Moiraine swears on the Oath Rod

Moiraine speaks the Three Oaths. At each one she feels her skin tighten in pain, "as if a net had been drawn over it." Tamra repeats the process with Siuan. As they both walk towards the Blue Ajah to choose their shawls, Tamra and the sisters of the other Ajahs depart, though Aeldra stays. Leane lays the shawl on Moiraine's shoulders, and Rafela on Siuan's. They are welcomed into the Blue Ajah by the Sitters. While Leane takes them on a tour of the White Tower as Aes Sedai, she tells them the secret title of the Blue Ajah's head: the First Selector.


  • Moiraine is sore. She and Siuan were caught the night before with mice they had planned to leave in Elaida's bed and sent to Merean.
  • Leane and Rafela do not have the ageless face. It is customary for the most newly raised to offer the shawl.