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External summary

<<<   Business in the City    >>>
Setting: Tar Valon


Point of view: Moiraine Damodred
Mistress Dormaile

Ilain Dormaile

Moiraine and Siuan go down to the main dining hall for dinner. After dinner they are summoned back to Eadyth who gives them letters-of-rights for one thousand gold crowns. They will receive that much every year and more if needed. Siuan insists on depositing hers in the White Tower bank, but Moiraine goes to her own banker. Moiraine's family has been banking with her for several years. After that, Moiraine and Siuan buy some dresses. While Moiraine orders twenty, Siuan becomes suddenly parsimonious and embarrasses Moiraine.


  • The Aes Sedai get their money through income from estates and tariffs, etc.





  • Letter-of-rights

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