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Setting: Kandor


Point of view: Moiraine Damodred

Ryne Venamar

After Cadsuane checks her while she is sleeping, Moiraine packs only a few clothes and heads over to the stables. Master Helvin keeps a log book with descriptions of all his horses. The stableman Kazin saddles Arrow but she leaves her pack horse behind. Cadsuane might have set servants watching for her to show a sign of leaving. She rides to the city gate. She sees three men leave before her, a younger and older Malkieri and the Arafellin she saw leaving the Gates of Heaven. Wanting to question him, she follows them on the road north. They pass through a village and Moiraine asks for Avene Sahera. As evening approaches, she almost gives up on following the men, but one abruptly leaves the road. (This move was done just to trap her, as we learn in NS20.) She is a good trackers from her years in Cairhien and she follows the lone man. She finds him sitting alone by a pond. She tries to take his sword, but he "notices" her and acts quickly. He grabs her and throws her into the pond. The shock puts saidar out of reach of Moiraine for a few seconds. While she is drying, the other two men return. They are Lan, Ryne, and Bukama. Lan and Ryne play a sword game where Ryne wins every time (Ryne is a better swordsman than Lan). Moiraine asks for the escort to Chachin, and they agree. Ryne is handsome and friendly while Bukama and Lan are exact opposites of him. She never gets the opportunity to ask Ryne about what he was doing in the inn. As they camp for the night, Moiraine weaves wards of Spirit around them so she will know if they move. At one point when they change guard, she overhears Lan saying he doesn't trust Aes Sedai. Ryne looks at her with awe and fear. She goes to sleep thinking about him.






One PowerEdit

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