External summary

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Setting: Kandor


Point of view: Lan Mandragoran
Point of view: Moiraine Damodred

Lan, Ryne, and Bukama continue onwards as they escort Alys to Chachin. When some thunderstorms come out of the Blight, the Aes Sedai weaves a shield around them to keep themselves dry. Lan wryly notices that at every village, the mysterious woman asks for Avene Sahera. She even continues to probe at their pasts and plans, and continues to annoy Lan. The second night she keeps him awake with flicks; the third night she fills his clothes with sand! At around noon on the fourth day they are attacked by forty brigands. Lan observes that Cat Dancer knows how to react in a fight. Alys uses the One Power, however, to frighten the brigands off. That night, ants suddenly bite him; the next he finds blisterleaf in his clothes. Lan is almost sure that the Aes Sedai might kill him.

Moiraine tells herself that she is tormenting Lan only because she wants an apology. One of the Blue Ajah's secret weaves is how to control insects (which would explain why ants suddenly started biting Lan). She is very frustrated that no matter how much she prods and goads, she cannot get any information from any of the men. She still does not know if they are Darkfriends or if any of the sisters at the Gates of Heaven are secretly of the Black Ajah. Two days away from Chachin, Moiraine finds Avene Sahera in a village called Ravind, but fortunately for the woman her son was born too early and at the wrong place to be the Dragon Reborn. She claims she is using the bounty to build an inn called The White Tower. Moiraine thinks wryly that the name will last until the first Aes Sedai sees it. As they leave the village, Moiraine decides to use wasps to attack Lan. She asks him if he is allergic to them. He turns around, shocked. Moiraine is confused about his expression, and then notices the arrow sticking out from his shoulder. Immediately, she embraces the Power and blocks another arrow with Air while Ryne and Bukama shoot the assassin, who is revealed to be Caniedrin. The only thing he can reveal before he dies is that he was paid to kill Moiraine. She wonders if Gorthanes hired him. She searches his body but finds only the payment, ten Cairhienin gold crowns. Ryne and Bukama remove the arrow from Lan's shoulder while Moiraine Heals him. His wounds from Canluum are also Healed in the process. Moiraine believes she has only two more nights to break Lan; she will be far too busy in Chachin to worry about him.







One Power

  • Every Ajah's secret weaves