External summary

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Setting: Chachin


Point of view: Lan Mandragoran


During their last two nights of traveling, Alys sets fleas and blackflies onto Lan. He is literally itching to get rid of her. At around noon, the party crosses the Bridge of Sunrise and into Chachin. Happy to be rid of the Aes Sedai, he gallops Cat Dancer into the city with Ryne and Bukama following him. They head to the Aesdaishar Palace. It is adorned with banners of a prancing red horse. At the gates of the palace, a dozen guards block their way. Lan introduces himself and is then welcomed by an old friend, Jurad Shiman, who says Tai'shar Malkier. Mistress Romera, the shatayan, escorts them to their rooms. While his companions get small rooms, Lan gets an apartment with three rooms, two serving women (Anya and Esne), and an errand boy (Bulen). Anya tells Lan that Ethenielle is not in Chachin - she has traveled south - but her Prince Consort Brys is present at the palace. She says that Edeyn Arrel is also there. Just on cue, he receives a letter from her calling him. However, he does not want to meet with her in private because she is his carneira. He is so shocked that he is forced to assume ko'di to calm himself. Later, he is summoned by Brys. They are good, old friends, as they have savd each others' lives numerous times in the Blight. In the meeting hall there are quite a few men wearing hadori and a few women bearing the ki'sain. This fact warms Lan's heart. Brys' and Ethenielle's second, young son, Diryk, is very lucky; he fell off a balcony and lived. He asks Lan several questions before his father sends him away to his tutor, Mistress Tuval. Lan and Brys go to a private balcony for a long talk. They discuss the Aiel War and rumors of a man who can channel. After their talk, Lan returns to his rooms to find Edeyn present. She has plans for him to marry her seventeen-year-old daughter Iselle.











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