For the actual inn, see Evening Star.

External summary

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Setting: Chachin


Point of view: Moiraine Damodred

Moiraine begins searching the rougher parts of Chachin for Siuan. At an inn called The Ruffled Goose a woman tries to steal Arrow. At The Blind Pig she is laughed at by an innkeeper. At The Silver Penny, the innkeeper, a Nedare Satarov tries to slip her drugged wine. Instantly, Moiraine places a weave on her, a Blue Ajah secret, that induces fear and makes her drink her own drugged wine. Moiraine spends the rest of the day searching, but cannot find Siuan. As evening falls Siuan finally finds her. She is staying at The Evening Star, a luxury inn. The innkeeper, Ailene Tolvina, allows Moiraine to share Siuan's room. Moiraine tells her friend that Avene Sahera's son is not the Dragon Reborn. Siuan responds by saying Ines Demain is staying at the Aesdaishar Palace. She has just become a widow. She named her son Rahien, which means "dawn" in the Old Tongue, because as he was born she saw dawn come up over Dragonmount. The rumors are that a very lucky blacksmith mysteriously died a few days ago. The Aes Sedai cannot connect his murder to the Black Ajah. Moiraine makes a plan to enter the Aesdaishar Palace. The good news is Ethenielle's Aes Sedai advisor is away.