External summary

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Setting: Chachin


Point of view: Moiraine Damodred

The next morning, Moiraine and Siuan hire two bodyguards from Ailene Tolvina, who tells them to deposit any money they have on them in a bank. She also recommends Silene Dorelmin to be their seamstress, as she is the best in Chachin. The Aes Sedai comply, and there Moiraine orders dresses for both of them. The next morning, they get their dresses and enter the Aesdaishar Palace as the lady Moiraine Damodred and her maid Suki. Because she is a noble, she is warmly welcomed and given an apartment consisting of three rooms, two serving women, and an errand boy. Moiraine asks if there are any Aes Sedai in the palace, and she is relieved to hear the answer, "no." However, she plans to leave as soon as possible just in case another Aes Sedai or Gorthanes know that she is staying there. Siuan slips out and uses her "invisibility" as a maid. She returns with bad news: Ines Demain's husband fell dead a week ago. Ines secluded herself after his death and plans to remain that way for a whole month. Moiraine must show herself as Aes Sedai to force an interview. Siuan says she will try to talk to one of the lady's servants.


  • Lan also received three rooms, two serving women, and an errand boy.
  • Since there are no Aes Sedai in the palace when Moiraine arrives, Merean must have arrived later. This implies she might have taken the time necessary to kill Larelle Tarsi.