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External summary

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Setting: Chachin


Point of view: Moiraine Damodred

The shatayan, Mistress Romera, escorts Moiraine, she sees Ryne and Bukama fighting with practice swords. Ryne wins easily. Moiraine has an audience with Prince Brys and other nobles. She believes that there are so many sisters around because of the rumors of a man who can channel and to tie up loose ends from the Aiel War. Moiraine discovers that Lan would actually have been the king of Malkier. Moiraine pretends to be tired, and a maid, Elis, takes her back to their rooms. As they round a corner, Moiraine comes face-to-face with Merean and the shatayan. She reveals that Moiraine is Aes Sedai and that Larelle planned on going south. Moiraine believes Cadsuane is of the Black, and she wonders about Merean, too. She decides to go see Lan. Two serving women and an errand boy are in his rooms, watching him practice with a sword. She asks for his help. Lan hates Aes Sedai because they did not defend Malkier. Moiraine tells him that one hundred sisters were sent out, but came too late. She requests that Lan send Bukama to follow Merean, and he agrees.


  • Larelle was murdered by Merean.