External summary

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Setting: Aesdaishar Palace


Point of view: Lan Mandragoran

Lan searches the palace for Bukama. Anya, Esne, and Bulen, he discovers to his dismay, are actually loyal to Edeyn Arrel, who plans on giving his daori to her daughter Iselle, thereby forcing them to marry. Lan feels that he is trapped, and must find Bukama to convince him to flee. While walking through the halls, he sees Merean talking to Iselle. Iselle leaves and is followed by the Aes Sedai. Lan continues, but as he reaches a flight of stairs, his feet are suddenly pulled from under him and he slides down, very lucky to be unhurt. He guesses that his "accident" was due to an Aes Sedai and the One Power. A servant runs up to him and tells him that Bukama has been stabbed. By the time Lan arrives, he is dead. Lan goes to find Moiraine.

Point of view: Moiraine Damodred

Lan enters Moiraine's room and tells her that Bukama is dead. He believes she did it. He tells her that Iselle was talking with Merean. Moiraine is now very sure that Merean is of the Black and believes everyone to be in danger. Lan tells her he saw Iselle hurrying somewhere with Brys and Diryk. They hurry to the balcony where Brys heads for privacy. Moiraine knows Merean is very old; she was Aes Sedai one hundred years before Moiraine's great grandmother was born. At the balcony they find Iselle, Brys, and Diryk with Merean and Ryne. Merean convinced Iselle to bring Diryk for her, but she brought Brys, too. Merean binds Brys and Diryk with Air, wanting to kill them. Ryne is on Merean's side, confirming Moiraine's thoughts that he is a Darkfriend. He was the one who killed Bukama. Merean is too strong for Moiraine to shield, especially when the older Aes Sedai is already embracing saidar. Merean orders Ryne to kill Lan, and make sure he is dead. They fight, as do Moiraine and Merean. Laughing, she drops Diryk off the balcony, knocks Moiraine out, and then lets Brys fall, too. Moiraine regains consciousness, but cannot embrace saidar. Instead, she stabs Merean in the back. Iselle begins to fall. Moiraine holds her hand, but Iselle's sweaty fingers slip and she falls, too. Lan kills Ryne. Moiraine Heals him, and then incinerates the Darkfriends' bodies.


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