"Be Quiet! If you want to see a penny, you'll line up and keep yourselves orderly."
   —Siuan Sanche to the crowd waiting to give their information for the bounty
"There is no way to make this easy, child. King Laman was killed yesterday, along with both of his brothers"
   —Merean Redhill to Moiraine Damodred

External summary

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Setting: the White Tower


Point of view: Moiraine Damodred

Due to the cold, Moiraine quickly changes her mind that their task will be pleasant. There is a crowd of one hundred women and a number of the people seem to be yelling. Most of the camp seems to be made up of Murandians. Moiraine starts to worry that there may be a riot.

Meri do Ahlan a&#039;Conlin

"I'm not accustomed to keeping track of every brat born in the camp."

Siuan gets on her chair, embraces saidar, and uses the One Power to amplify her voice to a booming "Be quiet!" The response is immediate with everyone becoming silent. Even Steler looks at Siuan with a look of approval. Siuan tells the crowd that they must remain orderly and get in two lines or no one will get any money. The crowd quickly gets in two lines.

Moiraine starts taking the information. The first in line is Lady Meri do Ahlan a'Conlin, a rather plump and obstinate noble woman. Meri reluctantly tells Moiraine of another woman, Careme Mowly. A woman who refuses to get the bounty for her daughter, Ellya. Moiraine overhears Siuan getting snippy with a woman in her line.

Moiraine agitation increases as the day continues. The cold and the banging of the anvils is putting her in an unpleasant mood that she tries not to take out on the people in her line. However, a number of the women make it hard. Moraine frets that she will never be the one to find the child that will become Dragon Reborn.

Susa Wynn

"The Light bless you, Aes Sedai."

Around noon time, Moiraine got a woman in line named Susa Wynn. Her child Cyril was at least six or seven months old. Way too old to fall in the time frame. Before Moiraine has a chance to reject her, Siuan touches Moiraine on the arm. A sign to let this woman get the bounty. The woman is starving and her husband is dead. Moiraine gives Susa a silver penny to take her son to the local Wisdom. It spreads through camp quickly what Moiraine has done. Women who have children who walk are now getting in line. The next woman in line tries to con Moiraine that she needs money for the Wisdom for her son Danil. Moiraine gets angry and tells her that she could try to heal him, but that might kill him. The woman quickly retracts needing Moiraine's help.