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Setting: the White Tower


Point of view: Moiraine Damodred
Moiraine walks the corridors that lead to the Tower's lower levels where she is to be tested. She must walk in complete silence, however, she lets slip a few words, earning her a sharp look from the Mistress of Novices. The thought of failure and Elaida's pressure increases her fear even more. But, should she fail, she could carry on the task of finding the Dragon Reborn although the White Tower doesn't like outsiders meddling in the affairs of Aes Sedai.
The passages are lofty and carved from the rock and they're all lit by lamps. There is no dust in the floor and those levels are seldom used.
New Spring 9

Moiraine weaves in the six-pointed star

As they reach a door bigger than any other they had passed the Aes Sedai channels to silently open it. Moiraine's eyes turn right away to the ter'angreal in the middle of the room. It is a great oval ring. There is one Aes Sedai from each Ajah and the Red is Elaida. She almost falters but she answers Merean's questions, which are part of the ceremony, steadily.
Before the test starts Merean explains that she must walk in perfect composure during the test, neither hurrying or hanging back. The Mistress of Novices channels a weave that forms a six-pointed star and tells Moiraine that she must channel the required weave in the order she was given only when she reached the star and that once she reaches it she must weave it first before channeling anything else.
She leaves all of her belongings in the room before entering the oval ring and worries that someone might read the book with the names of the candidates for the Dragon Reborn.
Once she enters the ring she does not remember anything, except that she must weave one hundred times and that she is to walk at a steady pace.
Moiraine finds some clothes in her house colors and leaves the corridor to find herself in a courtyard that looks like the Sun Palace and, as she moves towards the six-pointed star, the dress vanishes. But before she reaches the star to channel the required weave, three men appear in the courtyard and start walk in her direction. She weaves the first of one hundred weave and turns it into a wall of Air so she has time to move to the second star.
When she approaches it she does not remember anything again and this process repeats itself during the test with several creatures appearing like spiders and even Trollocs.



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