"By my mother's name, I will draw as you say 'draw' and sheathe as you say 'sheathe.' By my mother's name, I will come as you say 'come' and go as you say 'go.'"
   —Lan Mandragoran's oath to Moiraine Damodred accepting to become her Warder.

External summary

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Setting: the Aesdaishar Palace, Chachin


Point of view: Moiraine Damodred

Upon Brys's, Diryk's and Iselle's death, the whole Chachin is set into mourning. Moiraine even thought that Edeyn would kill herself out of grief. When Moiraine saw Siuan, she suggested to leave quickly to the next destination: to the infant Rahien.

Moiraine asked Siuan first to puzzle out what Moiraine understood was going on. Merean seemed to want to kill Diryk first, and she wanted to kill Lan, as well. Siuan growled, not seeing sense in it. But Moiraine explained that both were equally lucky, both cheating death unintentionally. Then Moiraine started mentioning other lucky men who might be part of the pattern Merean was following.

Then Siuan became eager, seeing the solution after a little pondering. The Black Ajah knows the Dragon was reborn, but not the time of his birth. With horror, she said that the Blacks are killing off every man who might be able to channel. Which was true, since men who could channel didn't know what they were doing at first, referring to it as luck most of the time. Then they suddenly become popular.

Siuan lacked her force, but suggested that they move on quickly to Arafel. They had the advantage, knowing that the Dragon is still a baby. But Moiraine told Siuan to return to the White Tower, where she was Cetalia's right hand in the Blue Ajah's complex system of eyes-and-ears, so she can find both the Black Ajah and the Dragon. When Siuan agreed, Moiraine rushed outside to find Lan, since she already made up her mind about him if he wasn't a Darkfriend, which she proved he wasn't.

When she found him, on her first inquiring, he greeted her with sadness. Apparently, he wanted to die already, with the death of all close to him. But Moiraine went straight to her point — she wanted Lan to be her Warder. Lan initially refused, but Moiraine told him about what she knew — things she would tell only to either Siuan or her already bonded Warder — starting from Gitara Moroso's prophecy to what Siuan and she had pieced together about the Black sisters.


Moiraine bonding Lan

Lan drew his sword after a time, then made a sacred oath to it that he will become Moiraine's Warder, but Moiraine finished up by weaving Spirit, finally bonding him to her. They began to ride back to Chachin, then to Arafel after that, then the world — all to find this Dragon.