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New Spring contains 26 chapters, and an epilogue and consists of 3 unique POVs and 31 individual POVs. The Chapter by Chapter Breakdown sections lists the POVs in order by chapter. The percentage expressed here takes the total number of words in that section and divides it by the total word count. If a character has multiple POVs in the same chapter, they are listed again and not totaled up in one line.

The Unique POV Breakdown sections list all of the people (including Quotes and Narrator) who had POVs in the book. They are listed in the order of their appearance. The second column counts how many POVs they had. The third column divides the number of POVs the person had by the number of total POVs in the book. The fourth column lists the total word count for each POV. The fifth column divides the word count of the POV by the total word count. For example, in The Eye of the World, Rand al'Thor has 44 POVs. This is 74.586% of the total number of POVs (59) in the book. The next percentage indicates that 79.569% of the words in book are from Rand's point of view.

Chapter by Chapter BreakdownEdit

Chapter Character Word Count Percentage
Ch1: The Hook Lan Mandragoran 5,677 4.6589%
Ch2: A Wish Fulfilled Moiraine Damodred 4,949 4.0615%
Ch3: Practice Moiraine Damodred 8,708 7.1464%
Ch4: Leaving the Tower Moiraine Damodred 6,071 4.9823%
Ch5: The Human Heart Moiraine Damodred 7,958 6.5309%
Ch6: Surprises Moiraine Damodred 5,466 4.4858%
Ch7: The Itch Moiraine Damodred 3,302 2.7098%
Ch8: Shreds of Serenity Moiraine Damodred 4,266 3.5010%
Ch9: It Begins Moiraine Damodred 4,876 4.0016%
Ch10: It Finishes Moiraine Damodred 2,570 2.1091%
Ch11: Just Before Dawn Moiraine Damodred 3,299 2.7074%
Ch12: Entering Home Moiraine Damodred 3,475 2.8518%
Siuan Sanche 1,338 1.0981%
Lan Mandragoran 633 0.5195%
Ch13: Business in the City Moiraine Damodred 3,733 3.0636%
Ch14: Changes Moiraine Damodred 6,544 5.3704%
Ch15: Into Canluum Lan Mandragoran 2,804 2.3012%
Ch16: The Deeps Lan Mandragoran 4,304 3.5322%
Ch17: An Arrival Moiraine Damodred 5,127 4.2076%
Ch18: A Narrow Passage Moiraine Damodred 3,743 3.0718%
Ch19: Pond Water Moiraine Damodred 3,726 3.0578%
Ch20: Breakfast in Manala Lan Mandragoran 2,895 2.3758%
Ch21: Some Tricks of the Power Lan Mandragoran 1,809 1.4846%
Moiraine Damodred 2,504 2.0550%
Ch22: Keeping Custom Lan Mandragoran 5,116 4.1985%
Ch23: The Evening Star Moiraine Damodred 3,514 2.8838%
Ch24: Making Use of Invisibility Moiraine Damodred 2,902 2.3816%
Ch25: An Answer Moiraine Damodred 4,507 3.6987%
Ch26: When to Surrender Lan Mandragoran 1,119 0.9183%
Moiraine Damodred 2,882 2.3652%
Epilogue Moiraine Damodred 2,035 1.6701%

Unique POV BreakdownEdit

Character # of POVs % of Total POVs (31) Total Word Count (121,852) % of Word Count
Lan Mandragoran 8 25.806% 24,357 19.989%
Moiraine Damodred 22 70.968% 96,157 78.913%
Siuan Sanche 1 3.226% 1,338 1.098%

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