EWoT: Nieda Sidoro

Nieda Sidoro
Biographical information
Nationality Illianer
Current status Alive
Physical description
Gender Female
Build Stout
Chronological and political information
First appeared TGH 9
Last appeared TDR 44
Affiliation Moiraine Damodred
Occupation Innkeeper

"Like most people who had never been to the Borderlands, Nieda did not believe in Trollocs. He had tried telling her the truth of it; she enjoyed his stories, and thought they were all lies. She did not believe in snow, either."

- Bayle Domon

Nieda Sidoro is the innkeeper of Easing the Badger, an inn in Illian. Her nephew's name is Bili.


Mistress Sidoro is a stout woman who wears her hair rolled at the back of her head.


Bayle Domon once visited her inn.[1] Fights and brawls got so bad during the winter that she had to hire a singer to keep her customers entertained. When Moiraine Damodred, Lan Mandragoran, Perrin Aybara, Faile Bashere and Loial visit her inn, Moiraine is greeted as "Mistress Mari."[2] When the group flees Illian, Moiraine warns Nieda to leave the town, as she has been an eyes-and-ears agent for Moiraine for twelve years.[3]


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