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Paaran Disen was the greatest city in the Age of Legends, considered to be the "crown jewel" of all the cities, and the location of the Hall of Servants. It was also the capital city and seat of government. Lews Therin defeated Ishamael at the Gates of Paaran Disen.[1] Like its slightly smaller companion city, M'Jinn, Paaran Disen was technologically advanced, with skyscrapers glittering like precious jewels in the sky. Nym and Ogier were known to have sung trees into being throughout the city. The most striking building in Paaran Disen is said to have been the Hall of Servants, the home for the governing Aes Sedai, which comprised both men and women back then.

This beautiful city was presumably destroyed in the Breaking of the World, leaving little to nothing of its one-time grandeur.

During one of Rand al'Thor's final visions, Jonai was given orders to lead the Aiel by Solinda Sedai, in the Hall of Servants.

Etymology Edit

The name Paaren Disen is believed to have come from the word "paradise."

Paaren is German for "to mate" or "to pair," while the Disen were a group of goddesses of fertility in old-Scandinavian mythology.


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