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A paralis-net is a type of ter'angreal device first created during the Age of Legends. Specifically, it is a ter'angreal platform on which a group of angreal and ter'angreal can be worn and/or used together as a complete set.

Semirhage reveals the name of such a set as a paralis-net.[1]


Paralis-nets seem to come in all different shapes. Cadsuane Melaidhrin owns one, which is a set of golden ornament-like angreals and ter'angreals that is worn in her hair.

Cadsuane Melaidhrin

Cadsuane wearing her paralis-net.

Cadsuane's set includes the following:

  • A golden swallow - a ter'angreal that detects saidin being channelled by an unlinked man. It also turns, while suspended by a thin chain, toward the direction of someone channeling the Power, whether male or female.[2]
  • A shrike - an angreal for increasing the amount of saidar that can be drawn by one person.
  • A golden hummingbird - a well that holds saidar.[3]
  • An eight-pointed star - a ter'angreal that vibrates in the proximity of a male with channeling ability.[4]
  • Two intertwined golden crescents - a ter'angreal that grows cool when near someone who embraces saidar.[5] This ter'angreal may have the same function as Mat's Foxhead medallion, which also feels cool around saidar, and stops direct weaves.
  • There are several more ornaments in addition to those listed above. There is at least one more star charm, as descriptions for her paralis-net refer to stars in the plural. One of Cadsuane's ornaments is a ter'angreal that can interfere with weaves. That is how she was able to disrupt Semirhage's use of Illusion.[6] Cadsuane herself does not know the purpose of three of the components: two fish and a moon.[7]

The ter'angreal defense set that Nynaeve al'Meara has is also possibly a paralis-net. Although not worn in her hair, Nynaeve's set of jewelry has parallel functions to that of Cadsuane.[8]

Rand al'Thor, after gaining all the memories of Lews Therin Telamon, also remembers wearing the original male version of a paralis-net.[9]


The overall use of a paralis-net greatly varies. Generally, they seem to do the best to cover all angles and needs that the wearer may have, such as having one ter'angreal to act as a Well and another one to detect the channeling of saidin.


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