Perrin Aybara is able to see things of the future in the Wolf Dream just as Egwene al'Vere can Dream future visions.

The Dragon RebornEdit

Chapter 43

"A tall, slender man flashed into them again and again, in richly embroidered coat and boots with gold fringe; most of the time he held what seemed to be a sword, shining like the sun, and laughed triumphantly. Sometimes the man sat on a throne, and kings and queens groveled before him. These felt strange, as if they were not really his dreams at all."
"Mat, rattling a dice cup. His opponent stared at Mat with eyes of fire. Mat did not seem to see the man, but Perrin knew him."
"Egwene and Nynaeve and Elayne stood looking at a huge metal cage, with a raised door held on a heavy spring. They stepped in and reached up together to loose the catch. The barred door snapped down behind them. A woman with her hair all in braids laughed at them, and another woman all in white laughed at her."
Egwene, Nynaeve and Elayne imprisonment in Tear. Other women are Liandrin and Lanfear.

The Shadow RisingEdit

Chapter 28

"Rand stood amid swirling stormwinds, laughing wildly, even madly, arms upraised, and on the winds rode small shapes, gold-and-scarlet, like the strange figure on the Dragon banner; hidden eyes watched Rand, and there was no telling whether he knew it."
Rand receiving his Car'a'carn marks.
"Nynaeve and Elayne stalked cautiously through a demented landscape of twisted, shadowed buildings, hunting some dangerous beast."
They are in Tanchico.
"Mat, standing where a road forked ahead of him. He flipped a coin, started down one branch, and suddenly was wearing a wide-brimmed hat and walking with a staff bearing a short sword blade."
Mat deciding to go to Rhuidean.
"Egwene and a woman with long white hair were staring at him in surprise while behind them the White Tower crumbled stone by stone."
The woman is Amys.

Chapter 53

"Egwene stood among a crowd of women, fear in her eyes; slowly the women knelt around her. Nynaeve was one of them, and he believed he saw Elayne’s red-gold hair"
Egwene being raised to the Amyrlin Seat.
"Mat stood naked and bound, snarling; an odd spear with a black shaft had been thrust across his back behind his elbows, and a silver medallion, a foxhead, hung on his chest."
"it was Rand. Perrin thought it was Rand. He wore rags and a rough cloak, and a bandage covered his eyes."
Rand in a beggar's disguise and with a figurative blindness. [1]

Towers of MidnightEdit

Chapter 4

"He [Mat] was fighting against himself, a dozen different men wearing his face, all dressed in different types of clothing. Mat spun his spear, and never saw the shadowy figure creeping behind him bearing a bloody knife."
"He saw sheep, suddenly, running in a flock towards the woods. Wolves chased them, and a terrible beast waited in the woods, unseen. He was there, in that dream, he sensed. But who was he chasing, and why? Something looked wrong with those wolves."
"Faile, Grady, Elyas, Gaul ..... all walked towards a cliff followed by thousands of others."
Last two dreams are interpreted by Perrin in Towers of Midnight, Chapter 40 as his men and Whitecloaks running to the trap set by Graendal and Slayer.


  1. The Gathering Storm, Chapter 49

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