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Portal Stones are large, cylinder shaped gray stones covered with hundreds or thousands of archaic characters. They provide entrances to possible versions of the world of TWOT. They believed to be older than the Age of Legends and Aes Sedai. In the AoL they were used by the most powerful ones to journey, – by those who could Travel, – and Aes Sedai studied them but it is believed that they never fully understood them.

Usage of a Portal Stone Edit

Each symbol corresponds to another stone in the 'network.' A strong channeller of the One Power can use them to travel to other realities or other possible timelines or simply other locations in the real world, by channeling into the appropriate symbol of the target world. The symbols on the top half of the Portal Stone stand for worlds, (other realities/timelines), while the symbols on the bottom indicate Stones on other locations in the real world of TWOT. Not every Stone connects to every world and Aes Sedai of the AoL believed that there were possible worlds no Stones at all touched. [1]

Portal stone symbols that lead to worlds that the Aes Sedai studied so they could create the Ways.
Portal Stone—Down Arrow Inside Circle Symbol
Portal Stone—Left Arrow Inside Circle Symbol
Portal Stone—Up Arrow Inside Circle Symbol
Portal Stone—Right Arrow Inside Circle Symbol
Portal Stone—Down Arrow Outside Circle Symbol
Portal Stone—Left Arrow Outside Circle Symbol
Portal Stone—Up Arrow Outside Circle Symbol
Portal Stone—Right Arrow Outside Circle Symbol

Studying of Portal Stones paved the way for the formation of the Ways[1]; it is believed that perhaps the Ways are even in another, otherwise empty world, found by a Portal Stone. No one is sure; Aes Sedai have long forgotten.

The book Mirrors of the Wheel is known about the worlds and it is generally thought that no copy of it survived the Breaking whole.

On the continent of Seanchan, portal stones were used to bring back creatures such as grolm and raken from other worlds to aid in the fight against Shadowspawn; these animals are now a regular part of the Seanchan army.

Portal Stones are believed to have been made in the First Age, theorized by Rand al'Thor and the Aes Sedai. [verify]

Quotes Edit

"At Rand’s head rose a grey stone cylinder, every bit of three spans high and a full pace thick, covered with hundreds, perhaps thousands, of deeply incised diagrams and markings in some language he did not recognise. White stone paved the bottom of the hollow, as level as a floor, polished so smooth it almost glistened. Broad, high steps rose to the rim in concentric rings of different colored stones. [...] the different colors, seven rising from blue to red.[2]"

– – – – –

"Verin looked at him blandly. – I have never used a Stone. [...] I would be destroyed before I came close to channeling enough Power to work a Portal Stone.[1]"

– – – – –

"It is believed there are worlds where a year is only a day here, and others where a day is a year here. There are supposed to be worlds where the very air would kill us at a breath, and worlds that barely have enough reality to hold together.[1]"

Usage in modern timesEdit

The portal stone symbol for returning to the True World.
Portal Stone—True World Symbol

Lanfear, traveling as Selene, uses a portal stone to transport Rand, Loial, and Hurin to a parallel world while they are sleeping. In this new world Rand's party follows a trail where the Trollocs they are hunting in their world will be. Later, under the encouragement of Lanfear/Selene, Rand uses another of these strange columns to take them back to their world.

A portal stone on Toman Head.
Portal Stone—Toman Head Symbol

When Rand is trying to get to Falme, he uses a portal stone again, but accidentally moves them forward in time about four months.

Portal stone symbols that lead to Rhuidean.
Portal Stone—Right Lightning Inside Triangle Symbol
Portal Stone—Left Lightning Inside Triangle Symbol

In The Shadow Rising Rand uses yet another of these portal stones to transport himself and his party of Aiel from Tear to a portal stone near Rhuidean.

In Towers of Midnight a male channeler, possibly acting on Graendal's orders, uses a portal stone to transport Trollocs and Myrddraal to attack the Whitecloak army on the Jehannah Road.[3]

Known Locations Edit

Portal Stone

A wilder preparing to use a portal stone.


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