EWoT: Powl

Biographical information
Nationality Unknown nationality
Current status Alive
Physical description
Gender Male
Chronological and political information
First mentioned WH 10
First appeared KOD 32
Last appeared KOD 32
Affiliation Darkfriend
Occupation Warder

Powl is Warder to Asne Zeramene.


Powl is one of Asne's four Warders, but the only one who is a Darkfriend.


After leaving Samara Asne stops masking her bond to her Warders, enabling them to locate her. Powl and the other Warders arrive in Caemlyn sometime afterwards.

When Asne is captured, only three men are captured and identified as being Asne's warders. What happened to the fourth, or his identity, is unknown at this point. It may also be a minor inconsistency.